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It is only fitting that my very first blog entry acknowledges those people who believed in us and our idea, from its inception… The people who demonstrated their support in so many helpful ways, so that Accessible Answers LLC could become a reality. To you, I am eternally grateful.

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November 13, 2009
What a great experience it was last weekend to join a band of other skilled craftsman in Bridgeport for one single cause... to build an access ramp for little Davina Martins. The pool of talent to show up for this event was truly impressive. 

It's been such a dismal economic time for us builders for so long now that I think a lot of these guys felt exactly how I felt... I can either sit at home and pray for things to get better, or I can get out there and use my skills to help someone even less fortunate than I am. That experience rejuvenated me in ways I can't quite say. Perhaps it was simply having the rare opportunity to evaluate what I do for a living minus the financial component. How lucky I am to have chosen a profession that can actually make other people's lives more livable!

If the economy is truly driven by consumer confidence, then I say what better stimulus package can there be, than that which rebuilds the confidence and trust we have in each other as living, caring creatures? As someone once said, "We must become the change we'd like to see in the world".

This event was sponsored by the Home Builders and Remodelers Association of Fairfield County in cooperation with St Vincent's Hospital, and was seamlessly orchestrated by HBRA Chairman Dave Adams. Here's a link to the Connecticut Post coverage of this great event:
NOTE: The photographer mistakened me for Dave Adams, Chairman of HBRA. He's actually the guy to the left in the red/navy jacket.





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