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Thanks to Robin E. Glowa a great article about Accessible Answers was featured in Hersan Acorn Newspapers, click below for a copy of the article:

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It is only fitting that my very first blog entry acknowledges those people who believed in us and our idea, from its inception… The people who demonstrated their support in so many helpful ways, so that Accessible Answers LLC could become a reality. To you, I am eternally grateful.

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My mother recently returned home from rehab after breaking her leg, and her house needed work to allow her to use it safely.  Kevin made that happen, with excellent design suggestions, selection and ordering of equipment, and following through quickly to install and test everything in the very short time he had prior to the rehab's discharge date.  My mother is now living at home in comfort and safety, thanks in large part to Kevin's help and excellent work ethic. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Ray I.

New Canaan, CT

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